Happy Birthday ‘Sardhar’

Wishing our Greatest Leader “SARDHAR” Satya Prakash Singh Yadav ji a Very Happy Birthday.

Sh. SATYA PRAKASH SINGH, son of Late Ch. Deep Chand ji, is a renowned social worker , a reputed realtor,a veterian businessman and an educationist of great repute.
Sh. Satya Prakash Singh served as the Senior Functionary in National Indian Style Wrestling Association and Judo Federation of India. He has a flair for writing and has been editing and contributing to various newsletters , papers, books and edited various articles on Education and related issues for several newspapers and magazines. His editorial contribution on “Rezangla Battle” of Indo China War 1962 is very popular.

Socio religious movement started in India at the end of 19th Century and spread the whole of India within first quarter of 20th Century. Many Yadav educated people like Sh.Satya Prakash Yadav took part on that movement and identified illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, child marriage, dowry, alcoholism, superstitious social rituals & exploitation by the upper class, were the main cause of backwardness.
Sh.Satya Prakash yadav along with Many other socio-religious workers are trying till today for the awakening of the Yadavs & upliftment of the Yadavs from their backwardness.

He has been working for many noted social organization of national importance and also Chairman for Deep Memorial Public School (Ch. Deep Chand Ji Memorial Public School) at Delhi.

Presently he is the National Secretary General of the All India Yadav Mahasabha.
We once again wish a Very Happy Birthday to our beloved ‘Sardhar’ Sri. Satya Prakash Singh Yadav and wish him many more eventful years and look forward to his leadership in replicating the Social Justice model of Late.Sri Chandrajit Yadav’s (Father of Modern Social Justice) across the country.
With warm Regards,
YS Yadav,
State President,
All India Yuva Yadav Mahasabha,
Andhra Pradesh.

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